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Make your own tape out of wrapping paper. Click on source for tutorial!

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Easy Upholstered Headboard

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stacking rings $115

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Top 11 Projects of 2011 »

All the cool bloggers are doing it, so I figured I’d join the crowd (apparently I am the ridiculous kid that would jump off the cliff too assuming there was ice cream or puppies at the bottom since…

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magazine page heart

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mod ornament art

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A Chrismukkah Wish from Bella »

Nothing but class here, right?! I got Bella to wear the antlers for about .0002 seconds at Christmas last year and voila - an official Chrisumkkah wish/greeting/message from the…

christmas tree card

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Kandee Johnson - I L

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Homemade Ornaments »

Since this was the first year the boyfriend and I had our own tree, there was lots of ornament making around here. I’ve already shared a couple I’ve made, but here are a few more I’ve made… (and I…

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ambigram generator

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