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Nanette's House: Making A Halloween Wreath - Part I »


Making a wreath is relatively straight forward. And you can pretty much make them out of anything you can think of, I’m making a Halloween wreath for the front door…

Lucky for me a few weeks ago Jimmy & mum cut back this horrid thorny bush, and so now I have plenty of bendy twigs to make my…

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brought this idea back to life last night :)

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Subway Art / Lil’ Luna - All Things Good: Free Printables

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Functionally Small Space for Crafter
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Functionally Small Space for Crafter

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Ink fingers - blow up on photocopier. Trace lines over fingerprint filled with “you” phrases and words.

I will have to make my own now.

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brown paper packages: {stocking your crafting pantry} »

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